A Guide to Unique Website Features for Business Websites

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You would never start a brick-and-mortar business without putting a sign on the door. People wouldn’t know how to find your business, and you’d never find any new customers.

The same principle applies to your company’s website. In today’s day and age, you simply cannot start a business without also building a website. The website will serve as an introduction to your business for anyone using their phone or computer.

Since every business has a website these days, you have to design unique website features to make your website stand out. Whether you’re building a new website or you’re trying to enhance your existing website, it’s a good idea to start gathering website feature ideas.

In the article below, you’ll find a list of unique features to include on your business website. You can use these ideas to build a website that stands out and attracts customers. Continue reading to learn more about the latest website features customers love.

Add an Engaging Video to Your Website

Almost every website you come across online has images. What many websites fail to include is video. Having a video on your website’s homepage can help you engage customers who might otherwise click away from your site.

The video could be a product demonstration or a testimonial from a happy customer. You could even create an animated video that shows off one of your products or services.

When you’re thinking about where to post the video, consider using the video prominently at the top of your homepage. The point of a video is to make sure users don’t click away from your website right away, so website visitors must see the video right when they arrive on the website.

You can have the video play automatically when users open the webpage or prompt the website visitors to click a “play” button.

Have an Informative Blog Page

Plenty of websites have blogs, but most small business websites don’t have blogs that actually provide useful information. One of the best ways to attract new eyes to your website is to create a blog page that people come back to again and again.

Whatever your field of expertise is, you should provide relevant, timely information to people who might be searching for that information online. Be sure to avoid just providing surface-level information in your blog.

You don’t want to provide the same kind of information that every other website provides. Be sure to add informative images and videos to your blog to provide users with a more in-depth experience.

Use Animation to Enhance the User Experience

Too many small businesses build websites without thinking of the potential customers who will be using the website. If you’ve ever used a website that wasn’t designed with user experience in mind, you know how frustrating it is.

The best way to build a website with a great user interface (UI) is to hire a professional who has experience with UI.

A professional UI developer can also help you add animation to your website. Animation can be as simple as an icon changing colors when the user hovers over it.

The animations can also be more complex, such as changing the background of the website as the user scrolls. Your professional website designer will be able to help you decide how simple or complex the animations should be.

Design a Great Mobile Experience

Did you know that about 70% of all website traffic happens on a mobile device? You might think of a website as something that you look at on a laptop, but most of your website visitors will be looking at the site on their phones or tablets.

With that in mind, you should make sure your website’s mobile experience is as seamless as the desktop experience. That often means designing two distinct versions of your website.

Mobile websites generally have larger text than desktop websites. A mobile site may also use fewer images than a desktop site. Mobile sites have fewer images because there is less space on the screen with which to communicate information.

If you allow website visitors to make purchases on your website, you’ll also have to make sure the checkout process is optimized for people on their phones or tablets.

Share Your Reviews on Your Website

If you have great reviews from happy customers, you should do everything you can to make sure employees see those reviews. Don’t just leave it up to chance, hoping that potential customers will visit Yelp or Google to see the reviews.

The best way to make sure potential customers see your reviews is to post the reviews on your website. You can grab screenshots of the reviews and put them on your homepage.

Alternatively, you can embed reviews using plug-ins from websites like Yelp. No matter which route you take, but sure to only feature your business’ most flattering reviews.

The Unique Website Features You Need on Your Website

Now that you’ve read through this article, you should have some ideas for how to incorporate unique website features into your small business website.

Adding unique features will help your website stand out in a digital world that’s full of cookie-cutter websites. When you’re ready to build the business website of your dreams, be sure to get in touch with the website design experts at The SMB Hub.


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