Creating a Website That Aligns With Your Brand’s Identity

Creating a Website

Branding consistency can increase business revenue by 23%, so it’s important to get it right. Since your website will be a key part of your online presence, you need to be sure that it’s branded right.

These days, customers will likely connect with your business in several different ways before making a purchase. In addition to visiting your location in person, they may also spend some time on your website and social media profiles as well. Your business may not seem very professional if your branding isn’t consistent across different channels.

In this business guide, we’ll tell you how to go about creating a website that aligns with your brand identity.

Start With the Visual Identity

When creating a website that aligns with your brand, start with the visual identity. Your website should be consistent with other visuals you use for your brand.

It’s important to consider the colors, typography, and graphics you’re already using when creating your website. This could include the visuals on your logo, business cards, business signage, online ads, or social media profiles.

If different colors and typography are used across each of these, then you need to do some work to ensure your branding materials are visually aligned.

Check the Brand Voice

Many businesses align their business website with their brand visually but then stop there. However, it’s important to go further and consider the brand voice that’s used on your website as well.

Aligning your brand voice can be a bit trickier. Start by checking the tone of voice on your branding materials and considering what kind of personality the writing you use seems to portray.

You may also want to consider word choice. Use consistent taglines, calls to action (CTAs), and messaging across your website and other brand channels.

Be sure that your messaging and tone are consistent across your website and social media pages and also be sure that they reflect your brand’s values and mission as well.

Remember Your Offline Brand

When aligning your website with your brand, don’t just consider how you present your business online. Also, consider your physical identity.

Ensure that a customer will recognize your brand whether visiting your store, opening a product that was shipped to them, or viewing your website.

Be sure that any signage or branding materials you use in your store as well as employee uniforms are taken into consideration when designing your website. You should also consider product packaging.

Additionally, it can also be helpful to have photos of your retail location or its employees on your website as well. This can help to further bridge the gap between your offline and online brand identities. 

Creating a Website That Aligns With Your Brand

When creating a website, make sure that you don’t skimp on the details or overlook the importance of branding. Aligning your website with your brand will seem more professional and will help you get more sales. 

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