Product Release: AI-generated posts and Images in Social Marketing

Social AI Product Announcement

What is Social AI?

This integration enables users to quickly create social posts using AI-generated content. This feature is available exclusively for accounts with Social Marketing Pro.

Why is this important?

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in Social Marketing’s social posting functionality offers several benefits. It streamlines the process of posting to social networks, saving time and effort. Additionally, it makes content creation easier by reducing the need for research. This feature also enables users to interact with their audiences faster.

How does it work?

To utilize this feature, users should first go to Social Marketing and select the “compose” option. Then, users should look for the “suggest post” button and click it to open a new prompt window. From there, users can create a social post using AI-generated content.


The new window will look like this and have a prompt to enter what type of content you want the AI to generate.


At the prompt, enter a topic or description of what the AI should generate, like “write about dark roast coffee in a humorous tone.” Choose either short form or long form for the post then hit the “Generate” button to see the new AI-generated content.


Once the AI-generated content appears, the user can make changes and update as needed. Once satisfied with the content, just select “Use this content” to post.


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