Tips for Writing Effective Email Copy that Converts

Effective Email Copy

People across the globe send over 300 billion emails every single day, a third of which are often spam. It’s safe to say that your email marketing has a lot of competition.

It’s not just the spam or junk emails, it’s the other companies in your industry that you need to worry about. People have little patience for digital marketing, so the only way to catch their eye is with good email copy. Effective email copy convinces them that it’s worth the time of day to read through your newsletters and offers.

In this email guide, we’ll discuss how to write effective emails that lead to customer conversions.

Effective Email Copy Is Brief

Attention spans for the human race are shrinking with every passing day. People do read their emails on a daily basis, but they have a tendency to skim. 

They will prioritize any email that’s related to their online accounts or employment. Anything else has to dance for its dinner, or it’s a straight shot to the garbage bin.

Long email copy makes your customers feel like they are back in college, reading textbooks that they don’t care about. Be short and to the point. Have a good hook to start the email off for the best chance that customers will read it.

Spruce up Your Copy With Beautiful Graphics

Gone are the days when email has to be bland and boring. Modern email standards allow for emails that feel more like magazine pages than digital correspondence. Use eye-catching graphics that set you apart from your competition right off the bat.

However, don’t overdo it. Big image files take longer to load, which can drag on your customers’ patience. Having something minimalistic but unforgettable is the key.

Personalize Things

Thanks to modern digital marketing, we no longer have to blast all customers with the same boilerplate. Everyone can receive their own unique email copy that speaks to them personally. It can include their first name and hint at their unique situation.

This personal touch goes a long way and prevents you from feeling like a cold, uncaring corporation. People notice very quickly when you treat them as if you were a close friend. They’re more likely to spend money on your product once they get a sense that you have a good reputation.

Don’t Send Too Many Emails

It seems like every company these days has a long list of emails that they send to their customers. Message notifications, account notifications, offers, and so much more. They force customers to slog through account settings to unsubscribe from all of these annoyances.

Be very judicious about how many emails you send. Daily emails can quickly become an annoyance that gets you a sentence to the spam folder. Less frequent, more impactful emails tend to work better.

Turn to SMB Hub for Your Marketing Needs

Effective email copy ensures that your weekly newsletters are a boon rather than a nuisance. Effective emails are brief, punchy, and don’t feel like a burden to read. Email is still an invaluable part of everyday life, so it’s essential that you evaluate how effective yours is.

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