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Drive Leads to Your SMB With Our Content Marketing Services

Drive Leads to Your SMB With Our Content Marketing Services

Deliver high-quality content that establishes you as an authority and improves search engine rankings. SMBHub's content marketing specialists create compelling content that brings the right eyes to your page.
Importance of Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Think of content marketing as a long-term strategy that builds organic success. Its primary focus is to build strong, lasting relationships with your customer base through consistent, informative, and relevant content. This content is designed to not only educate but also sell.

That said - content marketing isn't a sales pitch. The goal is to create content that will help your SMB stand out from the competition. Your content has to be so valuable that the reader is naturally inclined to want to sign up for your services. Whether it's a direct form fill or a subscription to your blog or newsletter, you'll have fresh leads in your sales funnel that can be converted to returning customers. 
Difference Between Paid-Per-Click (PPC) and Content Marketing

Difference Between Paid-Per-Click (PPC) and Content Marketing

PPC ads are content, right? Sure! But they aren't exactly the same as the content marketing we're talking about. Paid ads do a fantastic job of targeting your demographic, but they come across as more sales-y and readers can often tell when a paid ad appears in their social media feed.

Content marketing is intended to achieve the same goals as PPC ads but from a more natural, helpful standpoint. Content marketing stands on its own, meaning it should be found when people type in specific keywords that resonate with your business. Our team of content marketing specialists employs SEO best practices to ensure each piece of written content has the right keywords and backlinking to drive better organic reach. 

What Makes a Successful Content Marketing Strategy?

You don't have to be entrenched in digital marketing to find the latest trends for your content strategy. Rather, content marketing focuses on really breaking down the needs of your audience and how your services address them. It needs to cater to the right people and have intention, otherwise, it'll just be another piece of digital content lost in a sea of marketing.
Content With a Purpose

Content With a Purpose

We can devise a content marketing strategy that works for your business by outlining what you want your content to achieve. For example, it can be brand awareness, thought leadership, increased conversion rates, slowly announcing a product or solution launch, or something else entirely! It could be something as simple as generating interest in an upcoming webinar. The point is that the content is created with a purpose.
Finding Your Hook

Finding Your Hook

We will pinpoint who you want to target. Every industry has its own language, so if you are, let's say, a SaaS small business, you need content that speaks to the pain points of that field. When you speak the same language as your target audience, the content tends to resonate better with them. It also establishes you as a true insider, lending authority to your position among your competitors.
Scale to Launch

Scale to Launch

The final step to a successful content marketing strategy is to map out your release plan. In many cases, a content marketing strategy involves multiple components all geared towards the same goal. For example, you may need an eBook outlining a specific product or service. Your content marketing plan should include a drip email campaign that points traffic to a landing page where your audience can download that eBook. The blog series can be broken down by value props or use cases, for example, so that your audience can see your solution in action.
The plan should also outline when things will be shared and how. A content marketing plan involves email schedules, social media posting schedules, and more.

Why is content marketing so important?

Creating informative content is pivotal in establishing trust and authority with your audience. It allows you to build a foundation of knowledge and expertise that resonates with your readers, fostering a sense of credibility and reliability. By crafting well-crafted and insightful pieces, you can effectively engage your audience, inspiring confidence and strengthening your position as a trusted source of information.
Craft a captivating and compelling content piece not only empowers you to cultivate prospects but also allows you to effortlessly convert them into lifelong and loyal customers. By delivering informative and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, you can establish a strong and lasting connection, fostering trust and brand loyalty. This connection provides an opportunity to build long-term relationships, driving consistent growth and success for your business.
Creating compelling and captivating content is the key to becoming truly unforgettable among your intended audience. By crafting content that resonates deeply with them, you have the power to establish a lasting presence in their minds, cementing your position as a thought leader and gaining their unwavering loyalty. This means understanding their needs, hopes, and desires on a profound level, and tailoring your content to fulfill those aspirations.
Effective content marketing is an essential component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Neglecting this powerful tool means forfeiting a significant opportunity to captivate your intended audience and propel your business towards its objectives.

Content Marketing Services We Offer

Our team of content marketing experts is dedicated to assisting you in developing and executing an effective content strategy that drives engagement, boosts brand authority, and ultimately propels your business to new heights.
Blog Content Creation
Blogging is a powerful tool for establishing your expertise and connecting with your target audience. Our skilled writers will craft compelling blog posts that resonate with your readers, providing valuable insights and keeping them coming back for more. From industry-specific topics to engaging storytelling, we'll ensure your blog becomes a go-to resource for your audience.
Website Copy
Your website is your digital storefront, and exceptional copy is the key to making a lasting impression on visitors. Our team specializes in creating persuasive and SEO-optimized website copy that not only captures your brand's essence but also drives conversions. Let us turn your website into a persuasive marketing tool that leads to increased engagement and sales.
Elevate your authority in the industry and capture valuable leads with our professionally crafted e-books. Our content creators will develop in-depth e-books that showcase your expertise, solving your audience's pain points and providing them with actionable solutions. By offering valuable content, you'll establish trust with potential customers and gain a competitive edge.
Case Studies
Highlight your success stories and demonstrate the impact of your products or services with compelling case studies. Our team will conduct thorough research, collect data, and craft persuasive narratives that showcase your business's achievements. Case studies are an invaluable tool for building credibility and attracting new customers to your brand.
Beyond our core services, we offer a range of additional content marketing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's infographics, whitepapers, social media content, or email marketing campaigns, we've got you covered. Our team is versatile, creative, and ready to take on any content challenge to meet your business objectives.

How Our Content Marketing Services Work

Step One: Contact Us

Reach out to SMBHub for personalized content marketing services. Our team will learn more about your business and begin working on a content marketing plan that makes sense.
Contact Us

Step Two: We Present Our SMB Content Marketing Plan

Our team of content marketing specialists will present a campaign involving blog posts, eBooks, emails, web copy, case studies, and whatever else you may need.

Step Three: Content Review

All content will be reviewed by the client to ensure it exceeds expectations.

Step Four: Content Marketing Analysis

You can track content marketing SEO analytics in our BusinessHUB dashboard. Contact our team to learn more about the dashboard and how it can help scale your business.