7 Reasons Online Reviews Matter for Your Business

online reviews

Over 90% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. However, about 85% of consumers say any review older than three months is irrelevant. Managing your online reputation could help your business grow.

Without customer reviews, however, consumers might struggle to trust your brand.

On the fence about investing in your online reputation? Here are seven benefits of generating client reviews.

After reading this guide, you can determine if the investment is worthwhile. Read on to learn more!

1. Boost Brand Visibility

Before making a purchase, many consumers check online for customer reviews. Google’s search engine algorithm will review your website for fresh, original content on a routine basis. Generating fresh reviews can feed the machine to improve your rankings.

Higher rankings on search engines like Google can boost your brand’s online visibility. If consumers aren’t finding your business online, however, they’ll never choose your business.

You’ll miss the chance to generate leads and sales if you’re not generating brand visibility.

Encourage your customers to share their thoughts on your Google Business profile, Yelp, Facebook, and other directories. Each review could help you generate more brand visibility. 

As your online presence grows, consumers will become more aware of your brand. Repeat exposure to your brand will allow you to gain brand recognition.

Eventually, consumers will begin to associate your brand with your offerings. You’ll have an easier time remaining at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. The next time they’re interested in your product or service, they might recall seeing your reviews. 

Reviews can also facilitate word-of-mouth marketing. As people begin talking about your business online, they might recommend your brand to other consumers. That consumer might decide to check you out, allowing you to generate more brand awareness. 

2. Strengthen Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help boost your search engine rankings, allowing you to generate more awareness and web traffic. Higher rankings can also help boost your brand credibility (more on this below).

Remember, Google’s search engine algorithm is searching for fresh content. It will also check your Google Business profile to determine if you’re gaining traction. 

Google consumers how often you generate reviews, how many reviews you receive, and how fresh those reviews are.

A stronger SEO ranking will help you rank ahead of competitors. Consumers will see your business online first when they search for your offerings.

3. Learn From Your Customers

You can also use digital reviews to learn about your customers.

When consumers begin providing feedback, listen. Don’t delete the negative reviews you generate. Instead, consider why your customers are unhappy.

Their feedback can help you make informed changes to your business. 

For example, maybe consumers are unhappy because a restaurant doesn’t offer delivery or use fresh produce. Maybe they’re struggling to reach you because the phone number on your website is wrong.

Making these changes can benefit the customer experience. Meanwhile, consumers will recognize you care about their concerns. Once you make these changes, they might feel inclined to return to your business in the future.

Ignoring their feedback, on the other hand, could cost you customers and future sales. 

4. Generate Fresh Traffic

Client reviews can help you rank higher on search engine result pages. Higher rankings can help you to generate more website traffic. As you begin attracting new visitors, Google might take notice.

It could boost your rankings higher on the page, allowing you generate even more traffic in the future.

Meanwhile, consumers will have an easier time finding your Google Business profile. Your profile displays your website, address, and provides directions to your storefront. Ensuring consumers find your listing can help you generate foot traffic and website traffic. 

Generating more traffic will ensure people learn about your business, allowing you to attract new leads and sales. 

5. Show Empathy 

Don’t forget to respond to any client reviews you begin to receive. Comment promptly, too. Quickly responding to these reviews can show consumers you care about their experiences.

Providing a solution to the problem will also show consumers you’re honest and willing to help.

Consumers will begin to recognize you care and empathize, which could help them trust your brand. 

6. Bolster Trust and Loyalty

Generating positive reviews can also help you generate brand trust and credibility.

After reading other customer reviews, consumers might decide to give your brand a try. They’ll have an easier time recognizing the benefits of choosing your business, too. 

Generating client reviews can strengthen your credibility, encouraging more people to feel confident in your business. 

7. Improve Your ROI

About 68% of customers decide to deal with a business after reading positive reviews. Meanwhile, 40% won’t choose a business after reading negative reviews. 

About 93% of consumers admit online reviews affect their purchasing decisions. 

In fact, there’s a 270% probability of a product purchase if it has at least five reviews compared to a product with none. Meanwhile, 47% of consumers will shell out more money for a business with positive reviews. 

In other words, digital reviews can have a major impact on your sales and ROI.

Remember, positive reviews can boost your brand’s credibility. If consumers trust you, they might feel more inclined to begin shopping from you. Managing your online reputation and generating positive reviews can help you drive purchasing decisions.

Without reviews, however, consumers might struggle to find a reason to trust your brand at all. They might feel more comfortable if other consumers have vetted your business first.

If you’re struggling to drive consumer interest and sales, work on managing your online reputation. Consider hiring an experienced digital marketing or reputation management agency for help. As you generate more reviews, you can boost your ROI to help your business grow.

Five Star Reputation: Start Generating Online Reviews Today

Don’t miss the chance to strengthen your online reputation. Instead, make a plan to begin generating online reviews. Positive reviews will help boost your online rankings, credibility, and sales.

Meanwhile, responding to negative reviews can show consumers you care about their experiences.

Need help improving your online reputation? We’re here to help.

Contact us today to get started. 


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