What Is Search Engine Reputation Management?

search engine reputation management

It only takes a few missteps to turn a successful company into a failing one. Approximately 20% of small businesses in the US fail within their first year. This can occur due to many reasons, and poor marketing is one of the most notable.

A key component of your business strategy is search engine optimization, but it’s imperative to consider search engine reputation management. We’ve created a brief guide full of business tips that can help ensure you make the right choice for your company. Let’s explore the key information you need to know.

What Is Search Engine Reputation Management?

As the name suggests, this process involves influencing how your brand is portrayed on Google’s search results. For example, let’s assume everything at your company was running smoothly for years.

One of your primary business partners gets embroiled in a scandal that has nothing to do with your company but gives them abundant bad press. People begin to associate your business with this incident due to their involvement with your company.

Soon enough, people see this negative press when they Google your company. This deters them from interacting with your business. Managing your search reputation can help you avoid situations like these.

How Does It Work?

One of the biggest strategies this method uses is increasing good publicity to overshadow the negative publicity. For instance, someone could hire a PR firm to write a substantial number of press releases about their company’s recent achievements.

This would make it more likely for someone to encounter positive info instead of something that attacks your reputation. The same strategy could apply to review sites, as well.

The core premise is putting more good than bad out onto the Internet. The process isn’t instant, though. It sometimes takes weeks or even months to be effective.

The Benefits

There’s no shortage of benefits that search engine reputation management provides. In many cases, these could dictate whether your company recovers from a reputational attack. Let’s explore them in further detail.

Increased Trust

The better your reputation on search engines, the more trust people will have in your brand. Even a handful of positive reviews, posts, etc. can sway public opinion. This increased trust can translate into higher revenue, as people are more likely to make purchases from brands they trust.

There’s something to be said about improving your overall brand image, as well. Partnerships with reputable companies will be far easier to form when there’s nothing negative associated with your brand.

Improved Long-Term Customer Acquisition

Retaining customers is always more profitable than acquiring new ones. It’s also less expensive. Having a strong reputation online lets potential customers know your brand is worth working with for long periods. Acquiring new customers can also improve your word-of-mouth advertising, as people will be likely to tell their friends and family about your business.

Attract Better Talent

Nobody wants to work for a disreputable company. Those who end up doing so often only do it out of necessity.

It can be difficult to find talented professionals to fill open positions if your business has a poor reputation. Not only can this lead to competitors getting access to this talent, it can cause your company to fall short of its revenue goals.

Getting Started

Understanding how to get started plays a large role in the results you’ll get. From here, you’ll have no trouble controlling the narrative. Listed below are best practices to consider.

Create Content Around Negative Keywords

When people find negative content about your brand, it’s likely because they were searching for keywords with a negative connotation. Creating high-ranking content that uses these keywords for an alternative purpose can help bury the bad press.

Imagine a situation where users were searching “scandal” after your brand name on Google. You could write content about how to recover from a scandal, what to do if your company is wrongfully involved in a scandal, etc.

Be Active on Social Media

Staying active on social media can help improve the relationship you have with your audience. This conveys you’re willing to interact with your customers, which makes your brand feel more human.

Many companies make the mistake of being completely silent online once there’s news of a scandal. Customers would find this behavior suspicious and be less likely to work with that brand.

Hire a Professional

Working with a professional is one of the best ways to get started. They have access to effective tools and resources that can substantially improve your company’s reputation online.

When looking for someone to hire, consider their reputation. A brief Google search is often all it takes to learn what you need to know.

Pay close attention to what previous clients have to say about the firm’s services. You should also keep an eye out for fake reviews during your search. These are often posted in batches and contain many similar keywords.

Only choose firms that have robust customer support policies. Dealing with problems on your own can be notably difficult, and in some cases, it can be impossible.

Ensure they specialize in working with companies like yours. This allows them to create a solid SEO strategy that can help get your company in front of the right people.

Otherwise, they might not understand the nuances of your project. Do they seem enthusiastic about working with you? It’s best to avoid companies that aren’t passionate about helping you reach your goals.

You can assess this attribute by seeing how many questions they ask. With enough due diligence, you shouldn’t have an issue finding the best option for your situation.

Never Overlook Search Engine Reputation Management

Without the right search engine reputation management strategy, you risk falling short of your business goals. The information in this guide will help ensure you get started on the right track.

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