Building Landing Pages That Drive Conversions

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a fantastic way to generate leads. They’re proven performers in the marketing world; on average, a landing page converts at a whopping 10%

If your conversion rate isn’t looking that healthy, don’t despair. We have some ideas for you to try. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to create landing pages that boost conversions and help you reach your business goals.  

Add Punchy Language

Punchy, action-orientated language on a landing page is the best way to boost conversions. Keep the language clear and concise, particularly your call to action.

Instead of generic words like “submit,” use phrases like “start now” or “get started.” The more dynamic and exciting your words are, the more likely people will take action.

Short and direct sentences will help your readers understand what they need to do and why. Make sure your words flow and don’t create any confusion. That will help your readers take the desired action you want them to take.

Add a Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials and reviews are a great way to boost conversions on landing pages because they provide real-life evidence that the product or service works.

Seeing the positive experiences of other customers can help potential customers trust the brand and feel more confident about making a purchase.

Ideally, opt for video testimonials. It allows potential customers to connect with the person giving the testimonial. Seeing real people speak about their positive experiences can be more effective than text alone.

Try an A/B Test

You can see which is more successful by comparing two versions of the same page using an A/B test. And there are lots of factors to test. You can experiment with different page designs, content, branding, and layout.

That helps you fine-tune your offer to help target the perfect audience. The more you test, the more opportunity you have to make the page more appealing and effective, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Provide an Irresistible Incentive

Providing incentives on a landing page can help to boost conversion rates. They give customers a motivating reason to go ahead and sign up. 

Incentives must be irresistible, and you should aim to go one better than your competitors. Try to help customers visualize the incentive, too. For example, if you’re offering a free eBook, add a graphic to show some of the book’s inside pages.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

More people than ever are using their phones to search and buy online. A mobile-friendly landing page is easy to use, so customers can quickly find what they’re looking for and take action.

Customers may get frustrated and leave without completing the offer if a business website isn’t mobile-friendly. So mobile-friendly landing pages are a must if you’re looking to improve your conversion rate.

Building Winning Landing Pages

Don’t ignore the power of effective landing pages. A slight increase in your conversion rate could have a substantial long-term impact on your sales figures. So it’s worth any investment you make now. 

For more practical advice, visit our business platform. We have a range of products to help you accelerate your business growth. 

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