The Importance of A/B Testing in Optimizing Your Lead Generation Efforts

Lead Generation

In a perfect world, customers would simply tell you which marketing campaigns work best. They’d walk right up to you and say, “this Facebook Ad made me laugh, so I bought your product.” Of course, business owners don’t operate in a perfect world, so that rarely happens.  

Instead, business owners have to rely on A/B testing to find out which lead-generation campaigns drive new leads.

A/B testing is the best way to find out which lead generation strategy will work best for your business. These tests help you optimize your strategy to produce the absolute best results possible. 

This article will help you learn about the importance of A/B testing. By the time you’re through, you should understand why it’s necessary to build testing into your marketing processes. Keep reading to learn more. 

Find the Most Effective Marketing Strategies

A/B testing can help you figure out which landing pages, email messages and ad campaigns work best to drive business leads. The testing process involves creating two versions of a campaign and then sending 50% of your audience to one campaign and 50% to another.

For example, you might create a lead generation email with two different subject lines. You send the email with “Subject Line A” to 50% of the audience, and send the email with “Subject Line B” to the other 50%.

You can then compare the open rates on the email to see which subject line piqued people’s interest more. 

It Helps You Understand Your Customers

You don’t have to just tweak copy and images in A/B testing. One effective A/B test is to run a social media ad that targets two different audiences.

You show the same ad to each audience and see which audience clicks on the ad more often. This information will teach you something about your target audience.

For example, you might find out that one particular ad works better on an audience on the West Coast than an audience on the East Coast. 

You’ll Save Money

The point of A/B testing is to find out which marketing campaigns drive the most leads to your business. It also helps you eliminate ads that aren’t working well.

If you run a campaign and it loses the test, you know that campaign isn’t an effective use of your company’s time and money. 

You Can Find Hidden Issues

A/B testing might reveal issues you never even knew about. For example, if you always use a landing page with a form on it, you might want to run an A/B test with a shortened version of the form that asks for less information.

Customers may end up filling out the form more often if you’re not asking for so much information. You can use A/B testing on every component of every campaign to find the optimal strategy.

Tips for Improving Lead Generation

You know A/B testing is important, and now you’re ready to build it into your marketing strategy.

Remember to create multiple messaging and targeting options for every lead generation campaign. If you’d like professional help with your A/B testing, reach out to the marketing experts at The SMB Hub.

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