The SMB Hub Adds CARFAX Comments to Its Wide Range of Reputation Management Services

CarFax added to Reputation Management

The SMB Hub adds comment management and response to their already substantial list of all-in-one marketing services. This gives small to medium businesses in the US and Canada automotive industry a chance to improve reputation management dramatically.


Gilbert, AZ, September 9, 2022— Leading small business marketing solution provider, The SMB Hub, is excited to announce that CARFAX has been added as a review source for top-quality reputation management. Now, SMB Hub clients in the automotive sector can quickly and effectively manage consumer reviews posted at

CARFAX is a widely used service in the automotive industry. The commercial website services consumers in America and Canada, providing them with detailed vehicle history reports and other vehicle-related information. The platform specializes in reports for used cars and light trucks for individuals and businesses.

All The SMB Hub clients working in the auto industry need to do to manage CARFAX comments on their business or service listing is to log into the SMB Hub business dashboard. Once there, they’ll get notified of new comments, get updates on comment section interactions, and be able to post and view replies to CARFAX user comments.

The SMB Hub founder Joshua Wendt explains, “Reputation is everything in the business world—but it’s particularly so in the fickle and highly competitive automotive industry. By offering a way to respond to and manage consumer reviews quickly and effectively, The SMB Hub is helping auto sector businesses better manage how their customers perceive them. Of course, that’s not all we offer on our platform. Subscribers can do everything from managing their website to implementing their special media marketing strategy—and everything in between.”

The SMB Hub offers small to medium businesses (SMBs; sometimes known as SMEs) a one-stop-shop online dashboard. This platform aims to simplify marketing operations, so busy entrepreneurs and small teams can manage all aspects of their business promotion simply, quickly, and effectively from one digital space. In a single digital interface, subscribers can take care of:

  • Listings
  • Reputation management
  • Social marketing
  • Websites
  • Advertising

Those interested in learning more about The SMB Hub are encouraged to get a demo.

“Today’s digital world is a noisy place,” says Wendt. “We know how hard it is for small to medium businesses to find the capital and the human resources necessary to help their products and services stand out. The SMB Hub not only offers excellent ROI, but this one-stop shop offers an overview of all your marketing strategies in one place. This makes it easy to use and even easier to measure results.”

About The SMB Hub:

The SMB Hub is an all-in-one solution for small and medium businesses to excel with online marketing. The team behind this innovative platform works to ensure business owners have the knowledge and tools they need to grow their businesses quickly and sustainably. With The SMB Hub, you get one platform, one team, and one goal—that is, to grow your business. The platform covers social media, websites, advertising, marketplace, and reputation management. The SMB Hub also offers multi-location features.

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