Why Digital Marketing is Vital to Your Company’s Success

In 2019, the digital marketing industry was valued at $43.8 billion. So what does that have to do with you?

We’re living in the digital age and without a good web presence, your business won’t have the upper hand among competitors.

Do you know what does get you the upper hand? Digital marketing.

Connect with your audience, build a loyal following, and have a larger reach, all through the effective integrated digital marketing techniques that we’ll share right now.

What Is Digital Marketing?

At its core, digital marketing is meeting your audience where they are and giving them what they enjoy. Digital marketing isn’t just one tactic. Instead, it’s the collective impact of using multiple channels to engage with your desired audience.

Digital marketing refers to a combination of the following approaches:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Pay per click

Depending on the stage of your company, you may already have some of these crucial pieces moving. Remember, each part is like a piece of a puzzle. To gain the momentum you want to succeed online, you need to implement a few tactics and see how your audience reacts.

Here are a few benefits to having a solid digital marketing strategy.

Connecting With Your Audience

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased online shopping. In fact, it’s growing at an unprecedented rate. Here’s what that means for you: more people are online. Plus, they’re spending more time and money online.

It’s simple: that means your small business needs to have a solid presence online.

A digital marketing agency can help you identify and target the right people to drive your sales higher and higher. The right digital marketing services will maximize your brand while working with you to cultivate your customer’s voice.

Building Brand Awareness

Just like it takes a few tries to remember new information, it can take consumers a few times to recognize your brand. This is where digital marketing comes in. To maximize your customer’s touchpoints, you have to have a booming presence online.

This can be accomplished through social media, email, and targeted ad experiences. With each carefully curated touchpoint, your consumer will feel closer to your brand and build trust for it.

Consider using influencer marketing to gain traction on a particular product. In this day and age, consumers want to see people like them using the actual product you’re selling to see how it stands the test of time.

Influencers can help solidify your marketing presence and build your credibility online. When you work with an influencer, you immediately have access to thousands and thousands of potential new customers!


Print and advertising firms will use your time and money to get little done. Your audience is already online and get this, your future audience is also online. So why not focus on digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to gain traction in your niche and make a direct impact immediately.

Something as simple as a solid social media marketing plan can get eyes on your business overnight.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash, use a digital marketing company to get you on the right track today.


More than ever, consumers are using their phones to find new products to try, restaurants to visit, and services to use. A huge benefit of digital marketing is how mobile-friendly it is.

Unlike other forms of advertising, mobile-friendly advertising is personalized and easy to consume for potential customers.

Use the Google Mobile-Friendly test to see how your site performs on an iPhone or iPad. This will give you some data to work with before overhauling your site.

You Have a Larger Reach

When you have a fantastic digital marketing strategy that brings your business to the homes of people everywhere, you’re no longer isolated to the city where you operate. Instead, you’re a global company!

There are so many benefits to having a company that’s operating well online. In addition to high sales and brand awareness, you can interact with people all over the world and spread your expertise among new audiences all the time.


You probably already know that you can track likes on Instagram, e-commerce sales, and shares on LinkedIn, but did you know you can track every single thing you do online?

Use Google Analytics to track your specific web pages and search engine optimization performance, or SEO. SEO is critical to the success of your organic traffic online. It’s also a way to get free recognition from search engines!

With a targeted SEO approach, you can gain revenue. All it takes is a bit of research and elbow grease! (Or you can hire a digital marketing company to do it for you!)

Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s here to stay. We can’t imagine a world without the internet, right? As long as we have access to the internet, we’ll want to connect with new brands, purchase things online, and compare items.

Although digital marketing is the present and future, that doesn’t mean it won’t evolve. Keep up with digital marketing strategies and the latest and greatest way to interact with consumers and build your business.

Start Digital Marketing Today

No matter where you are in your digital marketing journey as a small business, we’re here to help.

Try our business dashboard for free to layout all of your online presence. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to make your dreams of being a successful online company a reality.

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