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Advertising Intelligence - Unifying Your PPC Reporting Under One Roof

Advertising Intelligence brings your PPC and digital ad campaigns from multiple platforms under one roof for easy comparison. Get the metrics that matter the most, automate reporting, and find out what’s making you money.
  • Google Ad Platform
  • Meta Ad Platform
Welcome to SMBHub's Advertising Intelligence. Your one-stop destination for comprehensive, multi-platform PPC and digital ad reporting. It's a crucial component of the BusinessHub Dashboard, providing your business the leverage to consolidate multiple ad campaigns for a more coherent analysis and comparison.

Efficient, Easy-to-Use Digital Ad Reporting Software

Advertising Intelligence is not just another reporting software. It's an innovative tool designed to help businesses like yours make informed decisions. With support for multi-platform campaigns - including Google Search and Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and more - you have the power to monitor, analyze, and report on your marketing efforts all in one place.

Time is money, and with our automatic reporting feature, you can reduce overheads and focus on what matters. Get real-time performance insights across all your favorite ad networks, keeping you informed and proactive without the hassle of manual data entry or switching between platforms.
Unleash the Power of Advanced Reporting Tools
Data without insight is just numbers. Advertising Intelligence offers smart comparison tools that transform your data into actionable insights. These tools enable you to understand the impact of different ads and optimize for the best results confidently. If you're managing multi-location clients, you'll appreciate the ability to provide a high-level view of PPC ad campaign performance across all locations.
Make Sense of Your Ad Spend
Transparency and clarity are key to maintaining trust in any business relationship. With Advertising Intelligence, you can include your management fee in your client’s spend budget for a clear view of the final cost. For those who need to hide client spend metrics, we've made it easy to exclude these in the settings tab.
Integrate and Grow With BusinessHUB
SMBHub's Advertising Intelligence is more than just a standalone product. When coupled with our BusinessHUB and CoreApps, it becomes a powerhouse for growth and customer retention.

Notable Features of Advertising Intelligence

  • Advanced reporting with an emphasis on critical metrics
  • Simplicity in usage and understanding
  • A unified dashboard for Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Capability to view deeper analytics for individual ad campaigns
  • Option to customize date range to uncover trends
  • Tools for keyword and ad analysis
  • Tools for keyword and ad analysis
  • Flexibility in campaign funnel and objectives
Harness the power of comprehensive advertising data with Advertising Intelligence. Empower your business with the ability to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. Experience the difference today as a part of your BusinessHub Dashboard.

To learn more, feel free to get in touch with our team. We're here to help guide you toward your business success.
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