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Take your business to the next level with SMBHub's advanced Multi-Location Marketing Dashboard, offering an all-encompassing solution for monitoring and managing your brand's online activity across multiple locations. Gain valuable insights into Reviews, Listings, and Google Business Profile with ease.

Expand Your Reach and Boost Customer Engagement

Our Multi-Location Dashboard empowers you to extend your brand's reach and ramp up customer engagement. Seamlessly publish social posts across all your locations and respond to customer reviews promptly, ensuring your valued customers never feel overlooked.

Streamline Your Brand Management

Our dashboard provides multi-location data insights, offering a panoramic view of your brand
performance across all businesses.We integrate data from major analytics providers like Facebook and Google,
alongside our exclusive tools, offering insights down to the individual location.
Consistent Brand Messaging, Customized Strategies
Maintain consistent brand messaging while deploying a unique social strategy for every location. With our multi-location social posting feature, you can create a post once and propagate it across all your Facebook pages, ensuring personalized communication for each location.
Robust Workflow and Comprehensive Reporting
Streamline your workflow and boost your brand reputation by managing reviews and listings from our multi-platform dashboard. The Multi-Location Reporting feature allows you to track crucial insights such as website traffic trends, goal conversions, and page views for each business location.
For Businesses of All Sizes and Types
Our Multi-Location Dashboard caters to various business professionals, including Brand Managers, Franchise/Franchisors, Marketing Agencies, and multi-business owners. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the power of SMBHub's Multi-Location brand management solution.
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