LocalHUB: The Ultimate Solution for Local SEO

Strengthen your local business potential with LocalHUB by SMBHub. Elevate your brand with our all-in-one local SEO and online presence management tools.
Welcome to LocalHUB, your comprehensive suite of tools designed to supercharge your local SEO and online presence.

In a world where 80% of consumers use search engines to find local information, the ability to stand out online locally is absolutely essential. LocalHUB goes beyond mere exposure, offering features that make managing your business a walk in the park.

Why LocalHUB Is a Game-Changer for Your Business

Online visibility is crucial in the digital age of information. Yet, it isn’t about just being visible — it’s about being visible to the right people.

LocalHUB focuses on elevating your brand in local searches, ensuring that you’re not just seen but also chosen by customers who are actively looking for businesses like yours in your area.


Your Foundation for Local Success

With LocalHUB, you gain access to a powerful set of features that make local marketing almost effortless:

My Listing
What does a potential customer see when they search for your business? My Listing offers a mobile-responsive landing page, fully optimized for local search. It’s a dynamic space where you can post store hours, share special promotions, and even publish coupons.
Citations Reporting
Your business likely already exits online — especially on review sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Trustpilot. Citations Reporting enables you to monitor these mentions and ensures that wherever your business is mentioned, the information is consistent and accurate, thus boosting your search engine ranking.
Google Business Profile Insights
Get a data-driven look at how your customers engage with your Google listing. From search discovery metrics to customer actions, you can personalize your marketing approach based on real-time data.
Keyword Reporting Metrics
The search terms that lead customers to your business are invaluable pieces of data. Our monthly keyword reporting (weekly with LocalHUB Pro) allows you to identify which terms are most valuable for your business. This allows you to focus your marketing resources effectively.
AI-Powered Business Description
Copywriting is an art and a science. With our AI-powered business description, take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect “About Us” summary. Our algorithm curates a compelling description that captures the essence of your business while hitting all the SEO sweet spots.
Sync to Google and Facebook
Control your primary business information on Google and Facebook directly from your dashboard. Updates are synchronized in real time, making it easier than ever to manage your online profile.


Advanced Features for Scalability

If you decide to upgrade to LocalHUB Pro, you’re granted access to even more tools to further streamline your business’s growth:
Extended Syncing
In addition to Google and Facebook, LocalHUB Pro extends your syncing capabilities to Apple, Bing, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram. Extend your reach without extending your workload.
Protection Against Third-Party Changes
Third-party platforms can sometimes alter business information without warning. LocalHUB Pro guards against these unauthorized changes, guaranteeing that your details remain as you intend.
Local SEO Grid
Get a 360-degree view of your local SEO performance with our specialized grid. Understand where you excel and where there’s room for improvement.
AI-Powered Keyword Suggestions
Traditional keyword research is tedious and time-consuming. LocalHUB Pro’s advanced AI sifts through the noise to bring you keyword suggestions that are relevant, valuable, and ripe for ranking.

Listing Distribution and Listing Sync Pro:

Ultimate Command Over Your Online Information

Consistency is king in a world where information travels at the speed of light. Accurate listings across multiple platforms are sure to enhance your visibility and build trust with your customers.

Enter Listing Distribution and Listing Sync Pro — your ultimate tools for achieving uniformity and control over how your business appears online. With these tools in your arsenal, your business information is accurate, synchronized, and fortified against any unauthorized changes, keeping you in the driver’s seat of your online reputation.
Listing Distribution
Listing Distribution offers a streamlined way to manage and monitor the accuracy of your business information across multiple platforms. This service also extends to major data aggregators like Data Axle, Foursquare, and Neustar, solidifying your online reputation.
Listing Sync Pro
Take it to the next level with Listing Sync Pro, which offers all the features of Listing Distribution and more. Enjoy additional syncing to 30-plus platforms, protect against third-party changes, and suppress any duplicate listings that could dilute your brand’s impact.

SMBHub’s Pledge:

 LocalHUB Is a Proven Partner in Your Local Success

At SMBHub, we aren’t just offering a set of tools with LocalHUB — we’re offering a partnership. We’re committed to helping your business not just survive but thrive in your local community.

If you’re truly ready to strengthen your business’s local presence, click the link below to start your journey now.
Your local success story starts here. Unlock the full potential of your local business with LocalHUB. Elevate your brand, engage your community, and grow your bottom line. Welcome to simplified yet robust local digital management.