Using Email Automation to Save Time and Increase Conversions

Email Automation

There are 4.3 billion email users across the globe. If you’re not already using emails to reach your customers and boost your conversion rate, you should be.

Of course, writing emails and newsletters is a time-consuming process, and if you don’t optimize and tailor messages to suit your customer’s needs, many of those emails go unopened.

Email automation is a simple and effective way to target customers based on certain criteria, allowing you to achieve better-quality leads in less time. Here’s everything you need to know about email marketing and how it helps your business.

Personalize Your Email Marketing

Digital tools can help you to collect important data, such as customer behavior. Once you collect the data, you can create and send highly-customizable emails.

You’ll increase customer interest when you separate your email list into segments based on factors such as age, region, or purchase history.

For instance, if there’s a new store opening in a city or town in a particular region, you can target customers in the geographic location. Or, if someone previously purchased an item from you, you can send a recommendation item with similar products.

Email Automation Saves You Time

One of the best marketing tips you’ll hear is to automate where you can and cut out tedious processes that digital tools can handle.

You’ll save time and resources when you automate campaigns based on certain criteria. One very common trigger is when someone signs up for the email newsletter. If they do, they’ll receive a customized welcome email.

These emails are pre-written and ready to go whenever someone takes a specific action. Therefore, you free up employees from tedious tasks, and you can focus on more important jobs.

It’s Easier to Nurture Leads

Here’s a statistic all business owners need to know: 80% of new leads never translate into a sale.

You need to put in more effort to acquire a new customer. You can’t simply show them content.

Nurturing leads takes time, but it provides far better results. These leads not only purchase more often, but they spend more too. Customers will trust and like your business more if you spend the time and effort getting to know them and learning what they want.

Lead nurturing requires sending the right message at the right time. You need to know where that customer is on their purchasing journey. If you don’t nudge them in the right direction down the sales funnel, they’ll become one of those lost leads.

Use Email Templates to Save More Time

Email automation and marketing tools have templates that you can use to help you create content faster. The best part is that these templates are usually easy to use and customize as needed.

Using templates allows you to further customize emails, look more professional, and save time.

Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

We hope this email automation guide gave you some insights into why the right marketing tools and strategies are key to growing your business. You can save a lot of time by utilizing email automation, and you’ll also achieve better results.

Of course, digital marketing isn’t easy! Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Our SMBHub Marketing Services team provides all the services you need. Learn more and get started today.

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